Why Your Next Family Vacation Should Be to Atlantis Bahamas

For the last two months when anyone brings up the topic of vacation planning, my immediate reaction is – go to Atlantis Bahamas! Why? Well, I’ll explain.

To celebrate my birthday in December we took a 4 night, 5 day trip to Atlantis Bahamas. To be honest, when trying to book the trip it gets really confusing on which property to stay on because there are six different ones to choose from. Each property gives you access to majority of the amenities and no matter which property you choose to stay on, you can still visit others for free and easily hop from one to another in their free continuous shuttles throughout the day and into the evening. We chose to stay at the Cove, which is slightly more modern, offers a dedicated concierge during your entire stay, and some of the property’s more upscale dining options. The Cove gives the vibe that it’s mostly catered to couples and adults given that it’s one of the hotels that has a large adults-only pool and more dimly lit grounds area.

But, Atlantis is the type of place that caters to every age group. For adults, you have the option to things like clubs, gambling, bars and shopping. For kids, the waterpark is obviously the main attraction, but there’s also a kids club, movie theater, teen club, free or paid kids activities, gaming arcade and even a pottery studio.

Adjacent to The Cove, is the main Atlantis property, called The Royal, is what most think of and see on their ads with the large two-wing building overlooking the beach. The Royal is extremely majestic and has several shops, their casino, Nobu restaurant, and even a free underground aquarium. We must have been to the aquarium every evening with Alyza because it was so fun to walk through after dinner every night. The Royal also has one of the largest pools and several intricate fountains inspired by the Lost City of Atlantis.

On the other side of The Cove, is the third property, The Reef. The Reef is designed like a Residence building with a Starbucks cafe downstairs. The Reef is ideal for families looking for the look and feel of being in a home or Airbnb with full kitchens. Some of the suites at The Reef have three bedrooms. The property has its own private pool and private strip of beach.

The last property on the same strip along the beach as The Cove, The Royal and The Reef is The Coral. This property is recently renovated and has the teens club called Crush, movie theater, restaurants, and local Bahamian ice cream at their small cafe called Sun & Ice. The Coral is also on the more economical price range compared to the other properties with families in mind.

The last two properties in my opinion are best suited for those that have either been to Atlantis in the past or on a tighter budget as they are a little bit further than the rest. The Harborside has a very Caribbean style colorful looking exterior and faces the yacht club. Rates for Harborside is very comparable to The Coral.

The sixth and last property, The Beach, is the most affordable of all properties at The Atlantis. During our stay, this was the only property that was completely closed and undergoing renovations. I’m sure based on the standards of The Atlantis, the renovations won’t disappoint.

Some must-do’s at The Atlantis: all the waterslides at Aquaventure, The Dig underground aquarium, an interactive activity at Dolphin Cay and dining at Fish by Jose Andres.

All-in-all a vacation at The Atlantis can be as luxurious or budget-friendly as you decide to make it. The best part of going to The Atlantis is that it’s hassle free, easy fun and relaxation at a beautiful beach destination without having to venture out for anything.

I’m hoping we make a return trip soon!

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