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Been a Minute

I can’t believe it’s been almost five months since my last post on here and that this is my first post of 2022. Yes, I’ve gotten very lazy about posting but also life has been quite literally been nuts!

I guess the timing of our IVF transfer failure wasn’t that bad because there were a ton of distractions soon after: Halloween, a few trips, Thanksgiving with the family and relatives, two new temporary contracts for work, a few more trips and then boom before we knew it – 2022!

This is probably the first New Year where I’ve really embraced “New Year, New Me.” The last two years were engulfed with IVF protocols, outrageous amount of work, moving to a new house, and then Alyza’s diagnosis. Now that all of that has somewhat come under control, I’m taking the first baby step with focusing on getting my body and weight back on track. If you’d asked me at the beginning of my IVF journey if I thought it would take a toll on my body I would’ve naively said no. So, now that the medications have stopped, I’ve been working out almost every day of the week, watching my diet closely, and training with a personal trainer twice a week. I’m only down 2 pounds but am hoping I can continue staying motivated to not stop.

I’m also toying with the idea of taking a hiatus from work in the summer. Since I was 17 all I’ve known is work. I never had a break between jobs or been out of a job (thankfully). But now, I’m ready. Burnout is real and I’m grateful that I am even at a position in life where I can comfortably consider being unemployed. I may still do something part-time to keep myself up to speed in the industry, but now that Alyza is getting ready for preschool, I want to be around to do school pick ups and drop offs, chaperone for field trips, and be extremely involved and present as a parent, especially knowing she’s going to need a little extra help than most kids. Heck, I may even have more time to really get back into posting here often, and sharing more around fashion, travel and food.

So that’s the update for now. More to come!

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