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Where to Donate this Giving Tuesday

Happy Giving Tuesday! While Giving Tuesday is an important day every year, this year is even more important given the thousands of families and individuals around the world that have been hard hit due to the pandemic. Charities are already seeing a huge drop in donations since the start of the pandemic. So please donate if you are able to!

To make it easy, I’ve put together a list of some charities and organizations I like that you can donate to today (or any day):

Feeding America – Gabriel and Constancia used to work preparing and delivering food to seniors, but lost their jobs due to the pandemic. Soon, the couple was struggling to put food on the table. This Giving Tuesday, every dollar donated to Feeding America will provide 20 meals for your neighbors.
  • Feeding America
    Everyone should have the basic needs of food and shelter and Feeding America or any local food bank should always be on everyone’s list to donate to. That $5 latte you get regularly can be skipped and set aside to feed someone a meal.

    I’ve been seeing a lot of images on the news of long car lines in a number of states waiting to get food donations due to the economic impact the pandemic has had on people. There are many families right now around the country that are facing challenges to put food on the table.

    This year to celebrate the day, Feeding America has set a goal of rallying 6,500 people to make donations. Plus, a $200,000 challenge match from a generous donor will help provide another 2 million meals.
  • No Kid Hungry
    Another food based charity that is so very important this year. With the pandemic closing several schools, many children lost their school meals which they so heavily depended on. For some, it’s the only food they’ll receive in a given day. No Kid Hungry has a plan to feed kids, but they need your help today to continue their work to ensure every kid gets three meals a day.

    This Giving Tuesday gifts will be matched up to $200K by Citi Bank, so you can double your impact.
  • Stop Recidivism
    Growing up as an active member of the Amnesty International Program the justice and corrections system is something that I have always been focused on. Rehabilitation Enables Dreams (RED) was founded by a friend and fellow Atlantan – David Windecher who identified the flaws of the corrections system through his own experience. RED is a 501(c)3 nonprofit and restorative justice organization based in Atlanta with a mission to keep people out of the criminal justice system – permanently – through programs that enhance the social, financial, and civic literacy of individuals referred to court.

    RED offers a 12-month Restorative Justice Curriculum that is designed to equip participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to leave the court system and reenter society as thriving members of the community.

    When you donate to Rehabilitation Enables Dreams (RED) today or tomorrow, you are providing critical resources that help us improve the criminal justice system by working to:
  • reduce the recidivism rate within Georgia
  • significantly reduce the financial tax burden of traditional criminal prosecution and incarceration; and
  • provide the social, civic, and financial education students need to bring their dreams to fruition.
  • Baitulmaal USA
    Baitulmaal provides life-saving, life-sustaining and life-enriching humanitarian aid to underserved populations around the world in countries like Syria, Yemen, Lebanon, Pakistan, etc.

    You can even specify what you want your donation to specifically go to or you can just donate to wherever the most immediate need is. I recently donated to Baitulmaal towards the Yemen relief.
  • Mona Relief
    One the topic of Yemen, Mona Relief is an organization for humanitarian relief and development in Yemen. One of the several problems during this war in Yemen is that humanitarian relief not reaching the people that need it the most. Mona is an independent, non-governmental and non-profitable organization based in Yemen and named after a lady named Mona who donated the very first $1,000 to them to make their first delivery of food to Internally Displaced Person’s (IDPs) in the area of Nuqim in Sana’a.

    With Mona being local, this group buys food and supplies locally and distributes it to displaced families, automatically bypassing the blockades surrounding the country. You can pledge a one-time donation, or like me sign-up for a recurring monthly donation.

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