Turning 30!

In less than a week, I will hit another decade older. Is it weird that I still feel like I’m a youngin?

Adulthood is HARD work. Some days I still have trouble trying to figure out complex things like our mortgage, interest rates, and don’t even get me started on stocks and trading. Heck, I work in real-time bidding platforms all day at a digital agency but can’t get my head wrapped around this stuff. These are the things that were never taught to us in school, but honestly should have been.

I know “age is just a number” but I’m definitely seeing some of the things that come with. Oh, hello fine lines and slower metabolism. And hello anti-aging products and the never ending seesaw of healthy eating. Those relationships are filed under the status “complicated.”

The other thing that’s hot on my mind is what do I want to achieve in the next decade. Growing up my dad had us sit down as a family every year and set a number of goals up for ourselves. It would be like an annual tradition, except met with sulking and sobbing by my brother and I having to commit to reading a book or learning an instrument. My dad would make things more official by putting them in Powerpoint slides. Then, we’d go back at the end of the year and review where we netted against our goals. The beauty in all of that, was my parents never made it seem like we were failures for not achieving them. It was usually treated like a moving target.

So, for me goals don’t have to always be something significant or attaining something materialistic (don’t get me wrong, I like a lil’ luxury) but after putting some thought to it, the big picture is to simplify the next decade:

  • Be the best mom I can possibly be to raise a kind, honest, and strong young girl
  • Build stronger inner faith and let things be/fall into their place
  • Continue not giving a sh*t about what others may say/think/hear when it doesn’t bring harm or hurt them (directly or indirectly)

Who knows if I add to this, or re-version the above as time goes by. One thing I learned from the last two decades is I definitely need to add some calmness in my life and let the perfectionism fall through.

I think women in general tend to set expectations high for themselves, especially in the professional world which then ends up transpiring into our personal lives (as partners, mothers, friends, etc). You start to condition yourself to bringing your A-game to every and any relationship and even showcase yourself on the external as “I have my sh*t together.”

So here’s to turning 30, cutting ourselves some slack, and having days without our sh*t together – fine lines and extra curves! 😉

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