F*CK The Supreme Court

Today is one of several days in the recent history of this country that I wish I didn’t have to live through. What happened today isn’t just about protecting babies. Because our babies can’t even be protected in schools. Our babies can’t even be protected with universal healthcare. Our babies don’t even have access to…

The Problem with Opportunists

We’ve all come across one before. Opportunists sometimes take a while to be identified because human beings have it in their nature to want to be resourceful and seen as knowledgable. It’s not until you realize after opportunists get what they want and “disappear”, that they are what they are. But in my experience, it’s…

Why Your Next Family Vacation Should Be to Atlantis Bahamas

For the last two months when anyone brings up the topic of vacation planning, my immediate reaction is – go to Atlantis Bahamas! Why? Well, I’ll explain. To celebrate my birthday in December we took a 4 night, 5 day trip to Atlantis Bahamas. To be honest, when trying to book the trip it gets…

Been a Minute

I can’t believe it’s been almost five months since my last post on here and that this is my first post of 2022. Yes, I’ve gotten very lazy about posting but also life has been quite literally been nuts! I guess the timing of our IVF transfer failure wasn’t that bad because there were a…

The Curse of Fragile X

I’m making up for my non-existence on this blog for the last several months with a long post today. Last couple of months we’ve been focused on settling in our new home but also going through a lot of not-so-fun family planning. In 2017, when I was 12 weeks pregnant I got a call from…

And We’re Back!

I’ve been MIA but for good reason. This one’s a little heavy, so brace yourselves.

Learning to Embrace the Unknown

Learning to embrace the unknown is a process that, depending on your personality (if you’re moderately type A like me), can take time to learn or continue to learn.

Cities I’d Visit Again (Once It’s Safe)

Last year was supposed to be a year of travel for us. The world had other plans though. But when it is safe to travel (whether that miraculously happens this year or in a couple more) here are places both domestic and international that I would visit again in a heartbeat.

Why I Make an Effort to Dress Up During The Pandemic

There’s a long list of things the pandemic has ruined for millions. Weddings. Vacations. Birthdays parties. Concerts. Clubs. I mean, the list is like a CVS receipt. But I refused for it to ruin having a reason for me to dress up.

TV & Movie Round-Up: January 2021

January’s TV & movie round-up is going to be a little short because honestly I haven’t had the time to watch a ton of new movies or shows this month. Here are a few recommendations from what I watched this month:


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